Don’t let snow stop your journey: Rent a car in Madrid offers snow chains for your rental car in Madrid. This way, you can set off avoiding unforeseen meteorogical events and complying with local regulations.

At Rent a car in Madrid, you have the possibility to add tire chains for your rental vehicle. There are several types of snow chains, although the most commonly used are either metal chains (the traditional car chains) or made of fabric. The latter are easier to install but also less resistant.

How to install the snow chains

The chains must be installed at the tires if the weather forecast predicts ice or snow. If you have any doubts about the chains deployment, ask at our office and our staff will help you.

Snow on the road can make vehicles slide and cause severe car crashes. By using snow chains on your rental car’s tires, the vehicle will better adhere to the surface, avoiding any slips. The snow chains are indispensable if you predict you will encounter snow on some sections of your journey.

If the weather forecast says there will be snow, you should add our snow chains’ service to your rental car when you make your reservation on our web. Drive safely and carefree even with adverse meteorological conditions. If you haven’t been able to predict snow before making your reservation, you can also add tire chains to your rental vehicle once you are at our offices to pick up the car.

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