Rent a car in Madrid lets you choose the fuel option that best suits you when you hire a car in Madrid: choose picking up the vehicle at our offices with a full tank and dropping it off again with a full tank, or pick it up with a full tank and return it without filling it up. You will only have to pay a small fee related to the cost of refilling the tank in the second case.

Our fuel policies for rental cars are simple. We offer these two options because we know that some journeys are easier than others, and we don’t want that refilling the tank becomes a drag before returning the vehicle.

Return the rental car without refueling it

We want you to drive freely and without worries, and that is why we offer options like the express check-in or, in this case, the possibility to drop off the rental vehicle in Madrid with an empty or almost empty tank.

Choose the car hire option that best suits your needs and make your reservation now, knowing that you won’t have to rush looking for a petrol station before returning the car.


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