If you need to rent a car in Madrid for one month, we can assist you. Rent a car in Madrid offers long-term rental cars, so that you are able to extend your trip at the best price. With our monthly rental car services, you’ll get better prices and more economic rates compared to short-term car rentals.

Long-term car rental

How does it work? We are making an offer you can’t refuse: one month driving your rental car for 25€ per day. You can either pick up the vehicle at our offices next to Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suárez airport, or at any other place that you’ve agreed with us. Once you’ve signed the contract, you’ll leave with your new rental car’s keys in your hand and you’ll have the rest of the month to travel wherever you want.

And what if you need the rental vehicle for more than a month? The contract for one month can be extended to continue your long-term car rental without any troubles.

Whether you’re on an extended business trip or on a very long holiday, Rent a Car Madrid offers long-term car rental services in the capital of Spain. Book your month-long rental vehicle and start driving.


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