Our priority: each person who takes our rental car in Madrid

In an industry where it seems that everything has been invented, we believe that there is something missing. We know that a lot of companies offer you a rental car in Madrid, but we believe ours is unique for one reason.

Unlike other multinational rental-car companies, Rent a car in Madrid is a small business, and we have one priority above any others: people.

We want that each person that comes to our office is satisfied not only with our rental cars but also with our services and support, our efficiency in solving queries or problems and with any other detail that may arise.

How do we do it? There are several ways.

First of all: transparency. We know that when you need a rental car, you want the paperwork not to interfere or become a difficulty. That is the reason why we explain everything you need to know so that, when you sign the contract, you know exactly what you’re signing and how much it is going to cost.

Secondly, our attention to detail. We want everything to run smoothly and not to leave any loose end. That is why we offer rental cars that adapt to your necessities, the type of trip you’re planning and the people who are coming with you.

Besides, we are available to you through many different channels, so that you can choose how and when to contact us. We have a customer service telephone, as well as a contact form on our website, and you can make your reservation through our website in a matter of minutes.

To sum up, Rent a car in Madrid puts you first. Get rid of complicated paperworks and formalities with multinational and impersonal companies and build a relationship with a family-run business where people are our priority.

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