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Weekend Rent a car in Madrid is your car rental company in Madrid at the best price. We know that renting a vehicle is much more than going from one point to another. You seek to enjoy the way. Therefore, we offer cars, utility vehicles and reliable rental vans with offers and discounts, so you can drive with total peace of mind.

We are only 10 minutes away from the Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suárez Airport. We are committed to giving you a service that is close and of the highest quality.

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40.00 € /per a day
  • Diesel / 1461 cm3
  • Menos de 25.000 Km
  • Transmisión Manual
  • Número de puertas 5
  • Número de asientos 5
  • Velocidad Máxima 185 km/h
40.00 € /per a day
  • Diesel / 1560 cm3
  • Menos de 25.000 Km
  • Transmisión Manual
  • Número de puertas 5
  • Número de asientos 5
  • Velocidad Máxima 180 km/h
34.00 € /per a day
  • Fuel Diesel / 1149 cm3
  • Menos de 25.000 Km
  • Transmisión Manual
  • Número de puertas 3
  • Número de asientos 5
  • Velocidad Máxima 167 km/h
34.00 € /per a day
  • Diesel / 1560 cm3
  • Menos de 25.000 Km
  • Transmisión Manual
  • Número de puertas 5
  • Número de asientos 5
  • Velocidad Máxima 180 km/h
64.00 € /per a day
  • Diesel / 1598 cm3
  • Menos de 25.000 Km
  • Transmisión Manual
  • Número de puertas 5
  • Número de asientos 7
  • Velocidad Máxima 198 km/h
64.00 € /per a day
  • Fuel Diesel / 1598 cm3
  • Menos de 25.000 Km
  • Transmisión Manual
  • Número de puertas 5
  • Número de asientos 6
  • Velocidad Máxima 171 km/h




Rental car in Madrid MADRID BY CAR

There are countless options to make original plans in Madrid. Once you’ve arrived to the city in your rental car, you can set off and choose one of the experiences we suggest to make the best of your visit to Madrid.

Family plans in Madrid – Madrid’s neighborhoods

El Retiro park and the Alcalá Gate

Walking around the El Retiro park helps relaxing from the busy streets of Madrid while enjoying a beautiful and historic scenery. The park ends next to the emblematic Alcalá Gate (“la Puerta de Alcalá” in Spanish), just one example of Madrid’s main monuments.

Shopping and watching musical shows in Gran Vía.

Gran Vía is one of Madrid’s most important shopping streets. This is where the most relevant shops and brands are situated. Zara, H&M, Mango or Primark are just a few of the stores you can find here.

It’s been nicknamed as “Madrid’s Broadway” as there are multiple playhouses where musical shows are often scheduled. You will be able then to finish your shopping day watching internationally known musical shows in Madrid.

Culture in Madrid


Visit any of Madrid’s three most important museums to see first-hand the works of international masters of painting and sculpture.El Prado exhibits paintings by more traditional artists like Goya or El Bosco. The Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum shows key works in contemporary art history, while the Reina Sofía displays the breathtaking Gernika.

El barrio de las Letras (or the arts district)

This part of Madrid pays homage to the best Spanish Golden Age writers. Walk along Cervantes, Lope de Vega or Quevedo’s streets and read their quotes written all around the district. When you finish, you could have something to eat or drink in one of the many bars and restaurants in the area.

Madrid’s neighborgoods


The streets of this trendy area of Madrid hide both traditional and chic bars, alternative stores and art galleries.

Barrio de Salamanca (or Salamanca district)

This is Madrid’s space for the well-off. Here you can find the most exclusive boutiques and the most expensive brands. Other very well-known monuments like the Alcalá Gate are also located in this area.


Madrid’s quintessential bohemian district. Appart from its varied cultural life in places like La Tabacalera, you can enjoy its many international food restaurants.

Walks along Madrid’s touristic spots.

Bars in la plaza Mayor.

This incredible square is surrounded by arcades where you can taste Madrid’s specialities. Try the famous churros con chocolate or the squid baguette sandwiches.

Calle Mayor y Puerta del Sol

Walk along this street and into Madrid’s history. In the 15th centuy, the Catholic Monarchs paraded on this street. Nowadays, it’s full of small shops. You can finish your stroll in the famous Puerta del Sol.

Tablaos flamencos (or flamenco venues)

The Spanish capital is famous for its venues to watch flamenco dances. The most famous is called el Corral de la Morería, but it’s also highly recommended to visit Torres Bermejas or Tablao cardamomo.

There are various spots in Madrid that you cannot miss if you want an in-depth understanding of its history. These are touristic monuments known by everybody: they’ve appeared on songs, TV, books… Indulge in visiting these places first hand if you’re traveling to Madrid by rental car.

The Puerta del Sol

One of the must-see spots in Madrid is the Puerta del Sol. Among other things, this square contains the statue of a bear and a strawberry tree representing Madrid’s emblem, the clock whose bells mark New Year’s celebration, and the KM 0, the point from which all Spanish roads depart (this is of special symbolic importance if you’re visiting Madrid on a rental car).

The plaza Mayor (or the Main square)

Another of Madrid’s most important monuments that you shouldn’t miss is the plaza Mayor. Surrounded by impressive arcades, there are 9 gates that give access to its interior, of which the Puerta de Cuchilleros (or the cutler’s gate) is the most famous. The square and its surroundings are full of cafés and bars where one can sit to enjoy coffee or other drinks.

The Puerta de Alcalá (or Alcalá gate)

The Puerta de Alcalá, on the other hand, is another wonder in Madrid’s monuments. Located at the end of Alcalá street (which back in the day was the road that led to the town of Alcalá de Henares), it was a designed by Francisco Sabatini following the same spirit of other monumental gates which were built in Europe at the time.

The plaza de Cibeles (or Cibeles square)

The plaza de Cibeles is another important landmark in Madrid. Located in the city centre, the fountain in its middle represents the goddess Cybele on a lion-drawn carriage. This is where the Real Madrid football team celebrates their victories, as well as the national football and basketball teams. The square is surrounded by many impressive neo-classical buildings like the Cybele Palace or the Buenavista Palace.

The Royal Palace

Visiting the Royal Palace is also essential if you’re traveling to Madrid. This is the Spanish Royal Family’s official residency (although nowadays they only do receptions in there). Amongst other things, you can watch the changing of the guard (every Wednesday and Saturday at 11 in the morning, except for summer, when it’s at 10) and visit some of the palace’s halls.

Madrid’s gastrononomic culture is varied and extraordinary so, if you’re visiting the city on a rental car, it is worth spending some time tasting the best dishes and visiting the most famous and trendy restaurants in the Spanish capital.

Michelin-starred restaurants in Madrid

The city contains various internationally awarded restaurants. Among them, the Dstage is at the foreground, offering a complete conceptual kitchen gastronomic experience awarded with two Michelin stars. Even if it’s complicated to get a table (the reservations must be made well in advance), their clients enjoy original and creative tasting menus for around 100€ per person.

La Candela Restó can also be added to this list. It is a market kitchen restaurant that has delighted their clients in Madrid since 2014. They define their style as “wild cooking” and the eyes of many people in the Spanish capital are on them. They have been awarded one Michelin star.

Economic restaurants in Madrid

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced restaurant that offers quality food, Gigi is the place to go in the Chamberí district. Furnished with great taste and a menu that won’t leave anyone cold, their kitchen is brimmed with television superstar chefs. Their food mixes traditional cooking with exotic nuances.

Again a very trendy restaurant in Madrid but with economic prices, the Superchulo in Malasaña is a great option. Their menu presents variations for all kinds of eaters (vegans, people with a coeliac condition or lactose intolerant people) and it’s based on quality, organic and natural ingredients, again with exotic nuances that will surprise their clients.

International restaurants in Madrid

Food and restaurants from different nationalities gather in Madrid. Asiatic cuisine is extremely popular in the Spanish capital and so there are many quality restaurants that offer this type of food, like La Pagoda or Konnichiwa (Japanese).

Italian restaurants are a good alternative when traveling, and there are various italian venues in Madrid that will make you rediscover this style of cooking, like the Grosso Napoletano, famous for their authentic Italian pizzas.

From June 30th 2018, following similar initiatives in other European capitals and cities, Madrid’s council has decided to restrict traffic in the city centre’s streets. The decision limits the use of private vehicles in some of Madrid’s most congested streets for environmental reasons. This is why, before visiting the Spanish capital on a rental car, it’s advisable to know what these restrictions are about.

It’s a measure that mainly affects non-resident drivers. There are certain exceptions (delivery vehicles, taxis or zero-emmission vehicles) but those who visit the city on a rental car aren’t likely to be able to access some areas of Madrid’s city centre.

Parking in Madrid’s city centre.

However, non-residents will be nonetheless able to access this no-traffic perimeter to park in the city centre.

It will work using the following system: the council will monitor the cars entering the no-traffic area without permission and will anotate their number plates.However, if the cars later make use of one of Madrid’s private or public parking spaces, the council will eliminate the fine that would have otherwise been sent automatically.

These traffic restrictions affect an area of aproximately 5.000 square metres and practically include the whole of the central district, where the main touristic attractions, leisure and gastronomic venues are found.

Moreover, this restriction for non-authorised vehicles in Madrid also incorporates the Gran Vía. All along this famous street there are dozens of shopping areas that include the main fashion brands around the world. Those driving along it without permission will face a penalty.

Madrid is not only at the geographical center of Spain but also, because of its interesting history and social movements, it has become the capital of leisure and culture too.

While it is true that it is interesting to know the city by walking along its different districts, it is also advisable to know the most interesting landmarks beforehand, to be able to organise your trip and visit everything that may be of interest.

Madrid’s main museums

There are three important art museums in Madrid to see and know the best artists and their works. First of all, the El Prado Museum will leave its visitors surprised with their exhibitions of El Greco, El Bosco, Rafael o Alberto Durero, among many others.
With an impressive collection on modern art, the Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum, organises international artists exhibitions famous all around the world, while the Sofia Museum contains the breathtaking Gernika painting by Pablo Picasso and the main Dali works.

Theatre plays and musical shows in Madrid

Madrid gives its visitors the chance to see the best theatre plays in the biggest and most famous playhouses. The La Latina theatre stands out as a great choice, as it frequently hosts shows with the biggest Spanish actors and actresses.

Nighlife in Madrid

Bars, lounges and nightclubs are all around Madrid, where there are all types of events for all types of people. Whether you are looking for nightclubs that open from dusk untill dawn, concert nights or terraces to spend hours with your friends, there are incredible opportunities to enjoy the famous Madrid nightlife.

Madrid’s different districts dictate what the options are. If you prefer small alternative bars and nightclubs, try the Malasaña neighborhood, known since the eighties for its underground musical scene. To find bigger nightclubs or even flamenco venues, head out to La Latina, and go to Chueca for its famous LGTB small bars, where everybody is welcome.

With its characteristic streets and walks, its museums known around the world and its broad gastronomic choices, Madrid is without any doubt the jewel in the Spanish crown. However, there are many other interesting places to visit in the capital’s surroundings in one of our rental cars. Just minutes away from Madrid’s city centre, these unique landscapes and towns are a must-see, and the rental vehicle will be your best tool to get to them.

El Escorial

The Real Sitio de San Lorenzo de El Escorial and El Escorial, is a stunning building complex dating back from the 16th Century. The spot’s main attractions, which are around 50 minutes away from Madrid taking the A6 highway, are King Felipe II residence and the natural landscapes surrounding it. UNESCO declared this area a World Heritage Site in 1984.

Visit the places where the Bourbons, the Austrias and the Trastamaras lived and get to know the history of the country in a short day trip from Madrid in a rental car.

Aranjuez cultural landscape from Madrid

This historical site in the town of Aranjuez, south of Madrid, leaves visitors speechless. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2001. The palace built by Felipe II and its ornamental gardens are outstanding, a spot that served as a hunting place for royalty and inspiration for Spanish Golden Age poets.

This space outside Madrid is a must-see for garden lovers, where the Parterre Garden (with its spectacular fountaints) and the Prince Garden will leave the traveler awestruck.

Alcalá de Henares historical centre

The town of Alcalá de Henares, which you can reach on your rental vehicle just a short 40 minutes away from Madrid, stands out as a top-rated day trip option from Madrid.

Aranjuez is the town where Miguel de Cervantes was born and its main touristic attractions are Aranjuez’s university, its main street and its Plaza del Mercado (or Market Square). It’s also possible to visit the house where Cervantes was born, which has been turned into a museum about the quintessential Spanish writer.

Towns near Madrid

A bit further away, there are two famous cities worthy of a visit if you have the time to make short day trips from Madrid on your rental car. Segovia is located just 90 kilometers away from Madrid and offers its visitors the chance to see unique historic heritage. Toledo, with its stunning medieval historic quarter and traditional stores, is another very good option to visit from Madrid as it is just 70 kilometers away.

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